Going Deeper

 A Daily Devotional and Small Group Discipleship Resource


Everyone agreed that the material was extremely helpful in its exegetical presentations and reflections…The groups have wholeheartedly agreed that they want to keep meeting weekly…I am becoming increasingly convinced that life in the parish and life in the world is all about relationship.
~Doug, pastor from NY

Our group is really excited about this series.  The relationships are growing and we’re learning different ways to be in relationship with Christ and the exploring part is really great.  Thanks for sharing this opportunity with us.
~Karen, church consultant from FL

Our small group found the book Called to Follow to be an engaging read and a valuable resource…It offers insights and challenges no matter where you find yourself on your journey of faith. The Questions for Reflection at the end of each chapter lay the groundwork for meaningful discussions that encourage personal and group growth…Very rarely does a guide of this nature touch you in such a relevant and engaging manner. Imbued with personal stories and humor, we found this book to be very inspirational.
~Jean, teacher from CT

It has been amazing to me to see how some quiet women who barely knew each other have grown in our ability to share things with each other.  We have had very good discussions around your first two books… I have nothing but good things to say about small groups.
~Gail, church organist from VA

My small group of 6 women met weekly for a year and found the entire series very enlightening, inspiring, and thought-provoking.
~Patti, a teacher from FL