Series Chapters

Going Deeper: A Journey with Jesus

Volume One: Yearning for God

Chapter One: Yearning for Meaning

Chapter Two: Yearning for Relationship

Chapter Three: Life-Changing Encounters with Jesus Christ

Chapter Four: Born Anew

Chapter Five: Living Water

Chapter Six: Was Blind but Now I See

Chapter Seven: Forgiven

Chapter Eight: Restored

Chapter Nine: The One Thing

Volume Two: God Comes to Us

Chapter One: Does It Matter What We Believe?

Chapter Two: Who Is God?

Chapter Three: Creator of Heaven and Earth

Chapter Four: Who Is Jesus?

Chapter Five: The Message of Jesus

Chapter Six: Crucified, Died, and Buried

Chapter Seven: He Rose Again

Chapter Eight: Who is the Holy Spirit?

Volume Three: Called to Follow

Chapter One: Come to the Water

Chapter Two: Living Among God’s Faithful People

Chapter Three: Hearing the Word of God

Chapter Four: Sharing in the Lord’s Supper

Chapter Five: Proclaiming the Good News through Words and Deeds

Chapter Six: Serving All People

Chapter Seven: Striving for Justice in all the Earth

Chapter Eight: Striving for Peace in all the Earth

Chapter Nine: Practicing the Faith

Volume Four: Fruit of the Spirit

Chapter One: Life in the Spirit

Chapter Two: Love in the Midst of Self-Interest

Chapter Three: Joy in the Midst of Discontent

Chapter Four: Peace in the Midst of Divisiveness

Chapter Five: Patience: Bearing with One Another

Chapter Six: The Kindness and Goodness of God

Chapter Seven: Faithfulness in the Midst of Non-Commitment

Chapter Eight: Gentleness in the Midst of a Culture of Aggression

Chapter Nine: Self-Control or Spirit Control?

Volume Five: The Body of Christ

Chapter One: Unity in Christ

Chapter Two: Ministry of All People

Chapter Three: The Rhythm of Gathering and Sending

Chapter Four: Spiritual Leadership

Chapter Five: A Community Shaped by the Holy Spirit

Chapter Six: Always Reforming

Chapter Seven: Authentic Community

Chapter Eight: A Definition of Discipleship

Chapter Nine: A Journey from Membership to Discipleship

Chapter Ten: Twelve Lessons on Leadership

Chapter Eleven: Prayer: How Does It Become Central?

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